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Staying Alive

Death’s shadow loomed over Yana, sucking the life from her emaciated body. We had been acquainted with Yana, a tall blond Central Asian, for a couple years, and we were increasingly concerned, but Yana mostly kept to herself. One night on a routine visit, Lionel, the manager of the brothel, pulled us aside to ask […]

Empty Promises of Opportunity

“He’s crazy!” The streetwalker at the sign was referring to the young boy dressed in girl’s clothes. I answered, “No, he’s just acting out. It’s not who he really is.” We had been reaching out to this boy for about 3 years already but that’s a whole other story. The streetwalkers had gotten my attention. […]

Innocence at Risk

I wonder if she will call? I keep hoping she will. The other night on outreach we were still deciding which bar to enter when these sweet young girls in front grabbed our hands and pulled us. I couldn’t say no. During prayer we had asked God to give us an image, an impression, or […]