Monthly Archives: February 2013

Painted Nails, Tears, and Love

How do we cope with the sad stories we hear so often? We are asked this question repeatedly. We do encounter tragic stories, but we also have the privilege of hearing and seeing lives transformed by God’s persistent love. That’s what compels us into the darkness over and over.  On Valentine’s we had a party […]

Innocence at Risk

I wonder if she will call? I keep hoping she will. The other night on outreach we were still deciding which bar to enter when these sweet young girls in front grabbed our hands and pulled us. I couldn’t say no. During prayer we had asked God to give us an image, an impression, or […]

Whether 14 or 40, It’s A Fight For Survival

Tuesday night we encountered a girl who was probably 14; last night the two women I talked with in a bar were both in their 40’s. One woman is trying to pay off a debt of over $10,000 left to her by her husband. She is considering an offer to go work in Korea since […]