Monthly Archives: April 2013

What If?

I’ve been catching news clips and posts about the Boston bombings. It’s horrific and tragic on so many levels. I can only imagine what it would feel like to have my legs blown off, or to be the parents or fiance of someone killed so tragically. My heart goes out with prayers to all those […]

My Scandalous Confession

I have a scandalous confession: I have a favorite trafficker. You might ask, how someone who passionately fights to rescue victims of human trafficking could like a trafficker let alone have a favorite? Trafficking is a complex situation that employs, exploits, profits, and destroys millions of people – humans, with emotions, people with families, people […]


Ayumi came by today in a cute white and black dress, a shiny necklace and a girlish hairband with a bow. He wore no shoes though, and that was upsetting to him. Yes, he. Ayumi is not a little girl but a teenage boy who struggles with gender identity and actually Ayumi isn’t even his […]